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Now you can become a Balanced Bites Meals Affiliate! 

If you’re an influencer with a social media following of 5k or more, please apply below for our *affiliate* program! Your application will be reviewed by a member of our team, and we will get back to you promptly.

Click here to apply!

Don't have a social following but want rewards for sharing about our meals?

(or, if your affiliate application does not get approved)

Be sure you create an account on this site and earn Bite Bucks points that you can exchange for dollars off of your own orders or to apply to gift orders, etc. You can always re-apply as your following grows or as you make a lot of referrals. We will not only be accepting affiliates with large followings on social media, we'll absolutely be looking at the rate at which you refer people to reward your efforts in any way. We know that many of you are health coaches or have a health or medical practice and may refer lots of customers without a large social following, so please know this is not the only path to becoming an affiliate with us!

Images to share

We recommend sharing your own photos of your Balanced Bites Meals (and you eating them!) when you want to share about Meals. However, you can also use these graphics we've created for your Instagram feed and Insta stories if you like.

Grab the full-size images for sharing here!

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