Bite Bucks FAQ

What are Bite Bucks?

Our Bite Bucks customer loyalty program allows you to earn points (which can convert to dollars off future purchases for):

  • enrolling as a Bite Bucks member (which is free)
  • ordering Meals
  • referring friends
  • sharing on social media
  • and more because we are going to sprinkle points around for different things whenever we want to say THANKS for being awesome!

How do I sign up for Bite Bucks?

Sign up in three easy steps!

From any page on the Balanced Bites Meals website, click the Bite Bucks tab in the lower right corner.
Select the "Sign Up" option.
Enter your information and —voila!— you're all set.

    How do I use Bite Bucks?

    Log in to your account in the lower right corner of the website.
    Select which voucher you would like to use (once you have 500 points for a $5 coupon or 1,000 points for a $10 coupon).
    Place your Balanced Bites Meals order and the coupon will be applied.

      Can I use Bite Bucks on a recurring Meals subscription?

      Bite Bucks will NOT automatically apply to a recurring subscription. In order to use your Bite Bucks as a Meal subscriber, you have a few options:

      • Place a new order of Balanced Bites Meals (for you or for someone else) and apply the points.
      • Pause your subscription and apply the points to a new, one-time order
      • Email us (support@balancedbites.com) and we can help you out!
      Bite Buck Referral Link
      Make sure you're sharing your personal Bite Bucks link - your friends & family will receive $10 off their first order AND you'll get $10 worth of points to use towards future meals - win, win!
      What's Bite Bucks you ask? Well, it's our customer loyalty program & you'll earn points (which can convert to dollars off future purchases) for:⁣
      • enrolling as a Bite Bucks member (which is free)⁣
      • ordering meals (duh!)⁣
      • referring friends (huzzah!)⁣
      • following us on social media (yass!)⁣
      To locate your referral link, login to your account & click "Bite Bucks" in the bottom right corner:
      Then select "Refer friends" & you'll see your personalized link:
      Bite Bucks Reminder
      Keep in mind it's in your best interest to order from one account per household - you'll accumulate more Bite Bucks points using one login as we don't merge accounts!
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